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Sometimes, a parent whose child is being treated will choose to correct his or her bite at the same time. The fact is, braces can improve a persons smile-and confidence-at almost any age. More and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to correct a smile that's bothered them most of their lives. With the help of your dentist and orthodontist you can have a healthy, beautiful smile. And with todays smaller, less visible, more comfortable braces, plus the affordable payment plans that many orthodontists offer, adult patients are finding braces more appealing than ever. Some orthodontists even offer special payment plans for adults and their children who go through the treatment at the same time.

Depending on how much correction is needed, some patients opt for braces on the back surface of their teeth, where they're not visible to the eye. For many adults, the improvement in their health and appearance after braces is well worth the time and expense. If you're interested, check with Dr. Palmer.

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